Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It's only been my third day on the job and I've already noticed a few big differences that I will have to get used to as time goes on. They aren't necessarily bad differences, just things that I didn't have to deal with at my previous employer.

The one big change that I'm getting used to quickly, mainly because it's the nature of the team I'm on and it's our best form of communication, is the amount of time I have to spend on the phone. In the past I didn't have to used the phone that often since the majority of the members of my team were in my office, but at this job my team is pretty virual. We are all operating out of different cities across the US and we also have to communicate with people overseas, so the phone is constantly up to my ear.

I've never been a big phone fan in general as I like to talk to people in person when communicating, but often it isn't the easiest route to take. Outside of my job, my personal life even requires a lot more phone use than I like. I'm still 175 miles away from Kristin. My parents are 40 miles away and I only see them maybe once a week. Some of my other friends I predominantly use IM to keep in contact, but often the phone is a necessary evil.

Another change I'm trying to wrap my head around is the sheer number of people I will be working with both internally within the company I am at and with one of our data/application providers. I've been used to having a list of contacts no longer than about 10-15 for which I would need to keep in contact with. As it is now, I'm already becoming overwhelmed with names thrown around here and there, the parts of the project they are attached to, and what I should contact them about. It's kind of hectic, but I'm sure part of it is because I'm only 3 days in.

Lastly, I'm learning to take on responsibility for more facets of the project than I had previously. At my previous job I would focus very heavily on one aspect of a project and dedicate myself to it while now a good part of my time is used to act in an advisory role to many different little projects dealing with multiple portions of the project I am involved with. It's great being a resource that so many people can turn to, but a little daunting as well, and could potentially be overwhelming.

As it stands, though, I'm liking my new position, which is great. Then again, I'm still in the honeymoon phase of work, so ask me again in a couple of months what I think and it might be different, but I hope it's not.

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