Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Musical Top Five

Music 20060430

You know, I listen to a ton of music. Moonlighting as an editor for a music website will do that to you, but I definitely enjoy every minute of it... except for those minutes where I am stuck slogging through an atrocious new pop-punk or radio rock cd that I have to review. I also figure since I keep stats of what I listen to through I might as well look back at what I listen to most in a week and let you all know if the artists are worth the amounts of listens I gave them or not.

This week sees light listens in my top 5, but that's because I don't have internet at home so nothing I listened to at my new place has been tracked. I will be getting internet tomorrow, so my stats next week should be way more interesting.

Juno Reactor captured the number one spot mainly because I like listening to techno when I really need to focus on a work task and I've had a few that I've needed to focus on last week. They are definitely one of the better techno artists out there and have a gigantic back catalog of stuff to listen to. You can't really go wrong listening to anything they have to offer.

Tha Alkaholiks made it into my top five mostly because I listened to their new cd once and since it had 15 songs on it, it outpaced all the other full cds I spun. They have some interestingly flavored rap numbers, but nothing overly interesting. Their new cd is better than the majority of hip hop radio, but not by a ton.

At number three is another techno entry--Junkie XL. I listened to them a lot back in college and only recently picked up their cd Saturday Teenage Kick again since I lost my copy. They do some killer stuff... well, actually now that I think about it, isn't it just one guy? I forget. Regardless, this is more song oriented techno music than your average DJ puts out.

Black Friday '29 and Vindaloo are both bands who sent me cds to consider for review. Neither is really that great. I actually don't remember much about them other than that they were your average hard rock styled band.

It probably took me all of 20 minutes to listen to the 12 songs by Time Again last week. They play a straight up, full speed ahead style of hardcore in the vein of Sick of It All. There's not too much to say about hardcore bands other than you'll either enjoy them or not. Time Again are good, but nothing I'd find myself listening to over and over again.

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