Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Browsing Help

When you think about it, our culture is pretty internet based, at least in comparison to a few years ago. We use it for so many things--checking email, getting weather reports, downloading illegal files, getting news, looking up information, and for fun. The internet has become something we browse daily. With that known, I personally wouldn't be able to get by without using Firefox and the slew of extensions that are available for it. My browsing experience has become so much easier and much more streamlined because of the use of Firefox's extensions. And since just about every blogger on this planet has done it at one time or another, here are the extensions I couldn't live without.
  • Session Saver: This extension saves exactly what websites you have open when you close your browser so that next time you open up Firefox it brings up what website(s) you were last viewing. It's very helpful for when I take my laptop back and forth from work to home as my sessions can be maintained even though I have to close Firefox and shut down my computer.
  • Adblock: So much bandwidth and time is wasted by loading ads on webpages, especially the Flash animated ads that have been all the rage. With this extension you can select the ads on a page and never have them displayed again! You can also block ads from an entire domain, which is helpful because then you can just block anything coming from ad specific domains.
  • StumbleUpon: Everyone gets bored, but with the internet you can always find something that's at least semi-entertaining. StumbleUpon lets you "stumble" around the internet based upon interests. You hit the "Stumble" button and a new site comes up. You can rate it or move on to the next site. Keep doing it until you find something interesting. This has helped kill many hours when I didn't have anything else to do.
So what extensions can you not live without? Are there any earth shatteringly awesome extensions that I should start using?

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