Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who Needs Some Storage?

As I was doing my usual blog read through, I noticed the Sony Media Changer you see on the left referenced by Daily Tool. I figured it was just a normal CD/DVD changer, but after reading up on it, it looks to be the one mega changer to rule them all.

First off, it's not just a player. It's also a DVD recorder. That's right, you could load the thing up with blank DVD's, hook it up to your computer, and tell it to start backing up the hundreds of gigs of porn... err, I mean movies & music into this baby. It'll go through a set of blank discs that are inserted burning onto each sequentially. Sweet.

Besides being able to burn stuff, it'll rip the CD's you put into it onto your computer. This would be a great feature for me since I get about 1-3 CD's a day from bands looking to get coverage on Decoy. I could just toss them all in at the end of the week and tell this thing to rip them to my computer. How sweet would that be?

You can also hook this bad boy up to your stereo and TV to keep all your most listened to CD's and most watched DVD's in it for easy access. I could then switch between the different TV shows I watch on DVD without swapping discs.

This thing is like the most amazing thing I could think of right now. It's just too bad it's $400 and that my computer is on the top floor of my place and my entertainment center is in the basement. Make this thing operate wirelessly on its own and change the capacity to around 400 and you have a machine that would be the centerpiece of my entertainment center, right alongside my Xbox 360.

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