Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Days Are Just Packed

It's the middle of June already! Where the hell did the first part of the month, and most of May for that matter, go? Summer, especially the beginning of it, always flies by at an unimaginable pace. Winter never seems to fly by. Spring is a little more fast paced, as it fall, but summer always seems to jet by quicker than the rest.

Why does it go by so fast? For Minnesotans and midwesterners in general it seems to move by quickly because it is the only season that we can truly enjoy ourselves in the outdoors. Sure fall and spring are nice times of the year (and fall is actually my favorite season), but everyone comes out and enjoys themselves during the summer months.

I always end up with so much more that I feel I need to do throughout the warm days of the season. With work taking up a good 8-9 hours of the day, I'm left with the early evening to make the most of what time I have free, which is often taken up with the extra "things" you end up doing in the summer, like mowing the lawn, grilling outside instead of microwaving your supper, and simply making yourself just be outside since you know in 6 months you'll be locked inside your house shielded from the intense cold.

At times I feel a little guilty if I'm sitting in front of the TV playing on my 360 or watching a DVD when I could be out for a run, reading on the deck, or chasing rabbits in the back yard. On top of that, in the past I've had softball leagues to take up some of my nights and I now have ultimate frisbee league on Thursdays. And with my ramped up concert coverage for Decoy Music starting here soon as well as still traveling to see Kristin (or her coming to the Twin Cities) on the weekends, there just feels like there's no time left over for anything. There's no time to simply relax. It's rush rush rush to get everything in because, before we know it, our few months of enjoyable weather will have vanished. Sad, I know, but for me, almost instinctual.

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