Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ninjas Rule

How to be a ninja. Now you know. And to think, for so long I imagined that you had to train in some super-secret Japanese school of death dealing against demons, a magical sensei, and hordes of other ninja trainees to become an agent of the stealthy persuasion.

Well, since I'm talking about ninjas, go over and watch Ninjai for a while. It'll keep you very well entertained, guaranteed. I would too right now, but they block the site at work... along with anything else even remotely fun.

It's very, very frustrating that many times when I just need a break or I'm stuck on a pointless conference call or I'm eating my lunch and I want to goof on the internet for a couple of minutes that anything fun is blocked. No YouTube, no Google Video, no gaming websites, no PureVolume, no MySpace, no, no funny sites, no nothing. It's a total pain in the ass, so much so that if I don't find a way around the system I may just become a chronic baby kicker, and we all know the world doesn't need another one of those.

Well, whatever, at least Wikipedia isn't block so I can go read some more about ninjas.

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