Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Set Your Tivo

Because this Saturday only, you can watch the Rock Paper Scissors Championship on A&E where contestants will compete for a prize of $50,000. I only wish I was making this stuff up. Apparently there isn't enough reality TV for everyone to watch so A&E decided to scrape the absolute bottom of the barrel and go for a children's game televised onto TV for the uneducated masses to watch.

As if that stupid Deal or No Deal show wasn't ridiculously dumb enough, now you have an entire hour devoted to people playing rock paper scissors. Speaking of Deal or No Deal, how can anyone sit through that tripe? It's like Who Wants to be a Millionaire? except without the contestants having to possess any type of talent or smarts. They just pick a suitcase and then hope that there was good money in it. For an hour you then watch as the greedy idiot is offered more and more money to give up his or her suitcase. And people watch this crap like crazy!

It's no wonder the US is hated the world over, it's because we insult everyone else by putting our utter stupidity on display. No way should we deserve half the things we have available to us in this country if we waste hours upon hours watching junk like Deal or No Deal, Rock Paper Scissors Championship, The Simple Life, or whatever reality TV show is currently popular. Jeez, I hate TV.

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