Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Epic - This is Rescue CD Review

Potential is something that a band either has or doesn’t have. There is no way for a band to cultivate potential or to add to their potential levels. It’s there or it’s not. A band has to work with however much potential is at its disposal. Rarely do you find bands, especially in the unsigned realm, that show a realization of their potential, but My Epic have defied the odds and put to tape five emotive and beautiful tracks on their debut EP, This is Rescue.

Similar in nature to Further Seems Forever, My Epic craft mid-tempo hard rock songs with a post-hardcore edge. For an unsigned band putting out an independently released debut, this EP really shines both in the level of maturity that these college aged musicians display, as well as in the polish on the production side of things. Unlike many independent releases, this EP doesn’t sound like it was recorded in a garage, on a crappy old 4-track, or directly into some kid’s laptop.

The musical abilities of the band members do not go unused as the majority of this CD sees exquisitely crafted melodies, strong guitar progressions, and mature song structures. Straying away from the standard emo song templates, each track here showcases a unique approach that is rarely utilized by their peers. The astute uses of build-ups in the latter half of the CD and of mature dual guitar usage throughout makes this effort feel extremely mature.

This is Rescue is a refreshing release that gives the listener a glimpse of a band that knows how to use what God gave them. They’ve realized their potential, I’ve realized their potential, and now the next step will be for My Epic to show a label their potential, which shouldn’t be a problem if this EP is any evidence of what they are capable of.

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