Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Roadrunner Offline

roadrunner internetMy frustration level with Time Warner Cable and Roadrunner is quickly reaching unforseen heights. We've had cable and internet through these two companies for the last two months or so, and when I say we've had their services I mean that they've been down almost as much as they've been working.

First it was our cable. When they initially installed the cable and internet, the technician couldn't get the cable card to work in my TV. This meant that they had to come out at a later date to remedy the problem. About a week later they did and the cable card worked for a week or so and then decided that it didn't want to. We then had to wait for another tech to come out who found it was a signal problem so he put a signal booster on our cable, which solved our problem, for about a week.

The cable card then actually did break so we had to have it replaced which meant hanging around the house again while a tech came to visit. There's nothing more annoying than constantly having to be stuck around at home during the few free hours of a day that you have while some dude fiddles with your TV and cables while pretending he knows what he's doing.

Throughout the two months we've also had internet problems. Our internet would just randomly quite. The cable modem would simply drop the signal from Roadrunner and we'd have to reset the modem. This would happen, at times, multiple times an hour. At best we'd go an entire day with it only going down once or twice.

Yesterday was the kicker, however. The modem, which is a Linksys cable modem and wireless access point combination device that I own, wouldn't connect to Roadrunner's service at all. When I first called them they routed me to Linksys' support, which was ridiculous because the modem was working, which the tech confirmed.

After calling in a second time they had me reauthorize my account in the hopes it would fix it. It didn't. When an actual support person that sort of almost knew what was going on came on the phone she had me do the routine "shut everything off and restart it" cycle which, of course, didn't solve anything.

Next she tried to see my modem's connection on her end, which she couldn't. Next I had to, obviously, disconnect and reconnect all the cables. Didn't work. Just to try to get anything working, I disconnected my Linksys modem and plugged in the Roadrunner provided modem. Same deal. No connection.

Trying anything to get some kind of connection, I plugged the modem into another jack in the house. Same problem. Roadrunner's diagnosis? "Your modems must be broken." Really? That's great. Two broken modems--one that was just working and another that was brand new--seems a little hard to swallow so I asked if someone could come out and look at things. Of course someone could. How would Sunday morning work?

Nothing pisses me off more than having to wait six days to get someone to look at our internet and then it's on a Sunday morning. I don't know if I'll be around on Sunday so I asked for the next time. Monday morning? No, I'm at work, just like the majority of the people on this planet! So we finally worked out next Monday night (side note, Roadrunner and Time Warner seem to loathe setting up night visits) as a time when someone could come out.

So in conclusion, I have no internet at home for a week. Fabulous. I'm going to attempt to see what other options we have for internet and cable in our area because this is ridiculous. I thought that Charter back in Rochester was bad, but right now I'd like to have them back, which is really saying something about how bad Roadrunner really is.

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