Monday, June 26, 2006

Since My Traffic is Waning

People must really be interested in Mexico or something because while I was down there the amount of visitors here spiked upward, but as soon as I got back home and began cranking out more content than when I was traveling my traffic slowed down. Who knows. What I do know, though, is that I'm going to attempt to boost my traffic back up by posting some pictures from my Mexico travels!

Below you'll see myself along with some of my long distance co-workers eating out at one of the Mexican restaurants that I so luckily managed to eat at.

Here is another shot from dinner. I think I'm waiting for my food to arrive, still full from the huge lunch and breakfast I'd already had. Still, you can't turn down all that wonderful authentic food. It just wouldn't seem right.

Ahh, more worms! I loved them so much I couldn't eat them for only one meal. I had them twice! They were actually not too bad. Seriously.

While we were eating we had live music being played right next to our table. Later on after she was finished playing her harp/piano thingy, we had a singer/pianist duo play for us. It was great.

Here's a picture of the courtyard of the restaurant we were at along with the peacock that was wandering around showing off his feathers.

Ok, so I really don't have any other real good pictures other than the ones from the night we went out to dinner. So sue me. I was there for work, not tourism! Still, hopefully this mention of Mexico combined with some pictures will shoot my traffic back through the roof!

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