Monday, June 12, 2006

Time Crept Up On Me

This past weekend Kristin and I attended the wedding of one of my friends (TV's Adam Aaro!) in Edina. It was a very beautiful wedding with an extremely elegant reception afterwards. I don't even want to imagine what it probably cost them and their families. You only get one chance to get married, though, right? Well, for about half of the population of this country that's true, I guess. Way too many people are taking multiple stabs at it, but that's another day's rant.

Throughout the ceremony and the evening, I thought about how so many of my friends are getting married, are married, or are even having kids. I realize I'm 25 and I realize that when I was in college I figured I'd already be married and all that jazz by now, but as time has passed by since when I imagined I'd be married until now, things have definitely changed in my mind's eye.

As I see my friends getting married I can't help but wonder, "Are they really ready? Are they old enough? It seems like this is too soon." I'm sure Adam and his wife will do fine, as will many of the other couples I see getting hitched, but do I think I'm old enough? Am I ready for that?

Really, I think I am and that I would have no problem being married right now or working towards getting there, but it still doesn't change the fact that with everyone getting married, I'm starting to really feel old! And I don't like it! The years since I finished college have slipped by too quickly and I'm not in the heart of adulthood. Middle age is right around the corner... well, maybe not right around the corner, but close enough, and it is frightening. I can't imagine having a child right now. More power to those who are doing it, but I know I'd have a hard time.

So is this how adulthood manifests itself? It one day rears its head, growls at you, and let's you know that it's here? It could be that I was simply asleep and didn't notice it creeping up on me, or that I chose to ignore the signs when they presented themselves, but I'm aware of it now, and I unfortunately aren't that big of a fan of what it entails.

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