Monday, June 12, 2006

Cat Vs. Bear

Usually when I think about bears vs. cats (which I obviously do often), I don't think of cats coming out on the winning side. Thank goodness there is one totally bad-ass tabby out there that proved all of my misconceptions about the kick-ass-ed-ness of cats completely and totally false.

I don't think either of my fat, lazy cats would be able to stand up to a bear. Well, they probably would, but I'm sure it would be for about 3 seconds before they laid down and subsequently become bear chow.

What's really kind of weird is that I actually had the chance to see how my parents' farm cats could have held up against a bear back when I was in high school. As my brother and I were waiting for the bus one morning a black bear was wandering through the field behind our place and eventually snuck along through our back yard before it made its way to a local town where it was tranqued and taken away to wherever they take bears that they find in southern Minnesota.

We didn't even have any clue that there was a bear in our back yard, probably less than a football field or two away from us, until we saw the news that night. Our neighbor had videotaped the bear as it was hanging out in the field by our barn. I always assumed that it had wandered past our place because it was on its way to some place, but now I wonder if one of our cats didn't chase it the hell off our property. Because, as we now know, bears are scared crapless when confronted by 10 pound, orange, hissing furballs.

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