Thursday, July 06, 2006

Could You Survive a Wood Chipping?

Amazingly, a cat that fell asleep inside a wood chipper survived after it was turned on. Let me repeat... a freakin' wood chipper. Those things chop up wood branches that are thicker than my arm into tiny pieces used for mulch or whatnot. I don't even want to think about what it would possibly do to a person, but somehow a cat survived it. From reading the article, you'll see the cat isn't in tip top health, but it's going to live and that's amazing enough.

StitchReading this reminds me about how I found Stitch, my cat pictured over to the right. I re-read what I wrote about that encounter way back when and remembered just how lucky Stitch was. He had three other siblings that didn't survive because the dogs ate them... or more appropriately played with them as toys until they died, and then played with them some more.

Our dogs weren't exactly vicious, but were playful. It seemed as if they thought kittens were simply furrier and mobile versions of the play toys that we were always giving them. Seeing the dogs playing with the corpse of a kitten is very troubling, unless you are a cat hater, in which case it should still be troubling, you sick weirdo!

More than two years later Stitch is doing great. His hind left leg, which was pretty beat up and appeared broken from the dog throttling, healed up and you would never know that it experienced any type of trauma, especially watching him fight with his housemate, Pooh.

I guess it just amazes me what animals can survive sometimes--a dog's chewing or a wood chipper couldn't slow down the above cats.

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