Friday, July 14, 2006

Day Four / Day Five

I wasn't totally out of the woods yet yesterday, as I'd hoped I would have been. The morning was fine. The day was fine. The early evening fine. But when my ultimate frisbee game rolled around at 6:45 pm, my caffeine depravity kicked in again.

Is caffeine really that much of a catalyst for energy levels in my body? I felt pretty lethargic the entire game through and only played a couple of points where I felt like I was actually moving with as much energy as I usually do. More often than not I'd run from one end to the field and I'd be done. My body would scream at me, "time to take a break," but I couldn't oblige unless I wanted to get scored on and reamed by my teammates.

It's as if my body couldn't produce energy quick enough to keep up with what it was doing without caffeine fueling the production. Towards the end of the game, and in a more pronounced fashion after the game, I developed a headache. I thought I'd have worked out of that territory by now, but apparently I was wrong.

Once I got home I was pretty much done. I had no energy whatsoever to even bother with showering once I got home. I just plopped down and fell asleep in my frisbee clothes. Without caffeine when my body tells me it's done, there is no arguing or attempting to sway its mind. I crash and crash hard.

This morning has been quite good and the afternoon has as well. The hour or so after noon was rough, as usual, but I made it through just fine. With the weekend moments away from starting, it'll be interesting to see if I spend the entire time napping or not, especially in the ridiculous heat that is supposed to envelop the area this weekend.

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