Monday, July 31, 2006

Robot Problems

If anyone out there has a Roomba that has malfunctioned in the past and managed to fix it, please let me know. You see, my Roomba is sick. In the head. It has lost its mind. And I don't want to have to resort to using an actual vaccuum cleaner because, you know, that wouldn't be that much fun.

At first I thought Roomba might just be drunk because when I turned him on and told him to get his ass cleaning, instead of making the nice circles that he does until he runs into a wall, he started driving off in a straight line away from his charger. Maybe he saw a big dirtball he wanted to get. Who knows? But after he got about 4 feet away from his home, he turned in one direction, moved a little, turned in another direction and moved a little more.

He seemed confused. Maybe he was overwhelmed with the amount of dirt and cat hair on my floor. Yeah, that was probably it. He wasn't drunk, just stressed out! That stress must be what caused him to run into the wall and then jitter around for a bit before running into the wall again, jittering some more, and then, frustrated, took off away from the wall.

At this point my little guy must have blew a gasket because he stopped dead in the middle of the floor, made a sad beep, and decided to not work any more, but instead sit there with his power and clean lights pulsating. The poor guy. Maybe he just needed more juice.

After charging him up to full power I set him loose again. Unfortunately he must have been overcome with dread at seeing all he would have to vaccuum because he went crazy again. Right now he's in a catatonic state charging in my room because I'm too afraid to set him loose again. I wouldn't want him to hurt himself.

So what do I do about my poor Roomba? How do I fix him? Send him to a robot shrink? Please help.

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