Sunday, July 30, 2006

Skin Melting Hot

Yes, you are reading that correctly. It is 100 degrees and feels like 109 outside... in Minnesota. For a state that is well known for its cold winters, I think a lot of people that don't live here fail to realize that it also gets hotter than the devil's armpit in summer here as well. All this week it's been hovering in the mid to upper 90's, today it hit 100, tomorrow it's supposed to be at least as hot, and the heat wave seems likely to continue next week.

Let's just say that mowing lawn was more of a bitch than usual and I think I may very well die of heat stroke when I go for my run in a few minutes, but I need to get out of this damn house. I feel like I'm trapped sitting in here all day avoiding the blistering heat of the outdoors. It's odd, isn't it, that we Minnesotans lock ourselves up in the winter because it is too cold out and then when summer rolls around we do the same thing claiming it is too warm. Aren't we just so picky?

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