Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Utter Meltdown

Yesterday was pretty atrociously horrible for my body. The caffeine withdrawal set in full force late afternoon. I started getting the headache I knew I would at about 4:00 pm. Once I finished work, I laid down for a nap hoping that it would go away, but it wouldn't let go.

For the remainder of the night I didn't do much more than move between my bed and the bathroom. My headache pushed itself, seeing how much damage it could do, and successfully entered into migraine territory. Not only did my eyeballs feel like they were three sizes too big for my sockets, but my entire brain felt like it might push its way out through the front of my face. I didn't realize how loose caffeine kept my veins and arteries. In all of the literature I've read on the topic, it says that caffeine allows your veins and arteries to be more pliable, but I didn't imagine that every vein and every artery and every last capillary would constrict as tight as could be once I gave up on the juice.

Once the migraine set in, I also had to deal with the nausea that comes along with the throbbing head. Needless to say my stomach was both growling because it was empty but I couldn't feel it because I didn't want to end up leaning over my toilet bowing to the porcelain god. I did eventually cram a bunch of tums into my belly so that I could choke down a microwave pizza (I was too lazy to put together a supper that couldn't be microwaved).

This morning I woke up still a little tired, even though I didn't really do much of anything other than sleep, watch some TV, and do a little reading all yesterday evening before going to bed at around 9:45 pm. At least my headache was gone... for the most part. There were still some remnants left, however.

So far the only good thing that has come from the voluntary caffeine embargo I've imposed on my body is that I don't have to go to the bathroom as much. Although, when I think about it, that might just have to do with me drinking less liquids since I don't have my normal three mugs of coffee in the morning, along with my afternoon mug and my evening diet soda. Right now it's all water, Fresca, and the afternoon hot chocolate for me.

Can anyone remind me again why I chose to do this? It pretty much sucks.

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