Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Days Are Getting Shorter

This morning it was perfect out. Cool, a little breezy, somewhat overcast, the smell of dying summer in the air... it's days like today where I find myself cranking up the sentimental tunes on my MP3 player and walking slowly through downtown with my eyes searching the building tops and the sky for all of the beauty that I so often miss when I am in my usual hustle and bustle to and from work. Cool, fall type days remind me to take everything in around me. I remember to notice that I'm alive and happy and a part of this world, instead of going about from here to there not really acknowledging why I am or letting myself outside of the bubble that is the world directly around me. In the end, there isn't really a way to describe the ethereal feeling that floats around on these perfect days.

Ugghh, I so want to go outside right now. I miss the country side so badly some days, like today, like most fall days. The endless fields stretching on, yearning for the harvest. The trees of the farm blowing in the wind as the leaves slowly and daily change from their robust greens to hushed yellows, Halloween oranges, and dusky browns. Most of all, I miss the silence. In town there is no respite from the sounds of everyday life. There are cars, lawn mowers, neighbors, malls, televisions, houses, buildings, and so much more cluttering up the space around me. There's no true peace to be found outdoors in the city or suburbia. In the country... ahh, there you can find it. Miles can stretch on with nothing happening other than the sun shining down and mother nature blowing you kisses on the wind. The caress of the country. The only people that know it are those that grew up with it.

Fall is going to be here soon. It's a magical season. It's when I feel most alive and, simultaneously, most at peace. I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't have fall. Minnesota gets cold an ice box in the winter and hot as the deepest depths of hell in the summer, but between those two seasons are two other seasons that are trully phenomenal, and one is right on the horizon.

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