Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hellishly Good Photography Skills

Thanks to Neatorama, I stumbled across one of the most beautiful photography collections that I have seen in quite some time. These Fleeting Moments houses a collection of numerous high contrast, melancholic, beautiful photos like the small thumbnail you see to your right.

After browsing through the photos, I can't help but wish I'd have capitalized on the Photoshop seminars that I have been to. Once I finished the seminars I found myself energized for taking photos and practicing the new techniques I learned, but my interest often waned quite quickly, partially because I'm not as awesome with Photoshop as I wished I was and I don't have the right camera to get great pictures to work with.

Someday, however, I hope that the professional photographer bug rubs off from my mom and I find myself wanting to take the time to create some great prints. Until then, however, I'll just keep admiring all the wonderful photography out there on the glorious internet.

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