Friday, August 11, 2006

Vacation! ...Maybe

Right now, you wouldn't believe how badly I want to take a vacation. I haven't had a real vacation in about two years. The only things I've done have taken a Friday or Monday off here and there to get a long weekend, but never taken more than a four day period off for any reason. It wasn't that big of a deal, really, but I'm starting to really, really, really look forward to getting some time off.

Thankfully one of my friends decided they were going to get married in Jamaica in January. Perfect. This is just the excuse I needed to take a vacation, and a vacation to someplace ridiculously awesome. Right now a week in Jamaica during the middle of a frigid Minnesotan winter is heavenly.

There's a catch, though, in that it's not exactly cheap. I've been talking with the travel agent arranging the plans for my friend's wedding and their week package, which is a luxury package for two, is a little under $4,000. I think it's right around $3,700, but once you tack on tax and such, it'll approach the four grand level.

The thing is, that price is for two so if I find someone to go with it would be, at the luxury level, under $2,000. If I don't find someone to go with, it will probably be out of my price range. I've been requesting price rates for non-luxury accommodations and such to see if I can get the price down to something more reasonable, but right now even 2 G's is looking like a decent price to pay for a wonderful, tropical weekend in Jamaica.

So does anyone want to donate some money to my vacation fund? Pretty pretty please... :-)

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