Sunday, August 13, 2006

Some Things Are Better Left Unseen

As Jared and I were driving to Blockbuster last night to return Everything is Illuminated (which is a phenomenal film) on our way to a friend's housewarming party, there was something we saw that was so out there that I pulled the first triple take that I think I ever had.

About a half a mile from our house is a bike trail that I often go running on. It's a nice trail and is more interesting to run on than running around our subdivision, but there's still rarely anything of interest to see while I'm out sweating off the calories from the crap I no doubt fed myself throughout the day.

The trail crosses the road that Jared and I were taking to Blockbuster and being that I get annoyed when cars don't yield for me when I'm trying to cross on my runs, I always yield for any runners or bikers so they can get across and not have to break their stride or lose pace. But this time, I saw a type of runner I had never seen.

He was probably about 60, which isn't unusual. I've run many a road race where there are men and women 60 or older. What was interesting was his choice of attire. He was wearing running shorts, but running shorts that were obviously meant for a fifth grade girl. They had the slits on the sides and were only probably about 6 inches long in total length. So as he jogged across the road in front of us, we got quite the glimpse of his tighty whiteys. Heck, she shouldn't have even bothered with the shorts because they weren't covering anything up.

It makes you wonder if he looks at what he wears before he goes out running. I have my pair of short shorts that I like to wear when I'm doing my longer runs because they're light, but they at least are as long as my boxers. And even if they weren't, I'd have boxers on, not a skin tight pair of white nut huggers.

So Mr. Old Runner Dude, I implore you, since you run on the same trail I do, put on some shorts that cover up your goods before you hit the trail next. I don't think I could take seeing what you've already shown me over again.

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