Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I Need Another Long Weekend

Four day work weeks totally rule!  

Well, unless you work for an international company and the people you work with on a daily basis are internationally based and the reason you have a four day work week is because of a US specific holiday... then you just have double the amount of work to do on Tuesday.  You pretty much get everything that came in on Monday along with whatever comes in on Tuesday all to do in the 8 or so hours of Tuesday.  So, yes, today has been busy, but not too busy to take a quick break to type away at something not work related (I needed a break lest my brain explode and cover my office's pristine walls with sticky, goopy brain matter).

At least my weekend was a good one.  Like most people it was time to spend with family, so I headed home to my parents' place to spend Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to let the rain flow on Saturday making for a somewhat uneventful day.  Although my family did discover the awesomeness of the game Apples to Apples.  We successfully blew away countless hours playing it and sharing countless laughs, mostly at our ability to find totally offensive or totally mismatched adjective and noun combinations.

There was also a bon fire and fireworks on Sunday night to celebrate having the family all together.  It doesn't happen as often any more with my living in the Minneapolis area, my brother Randy being in Boise for his internship, now going to Ames for his final college semester, and then moving back out to Boise for a job, and then there's little (or not so little) Ryan heading into his senior year of high school so he'll be heading out of my parents' house before they know it as well.  

So I hope everyone else out there in cyberspace-land that somehow stumbled across, or routinely stumble across, this site had a good long weekend.  I'm playing catch up today, but it sure was good to have that extra time off.

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