Friday, September 01, 2006

See Ya Later, Fourth Rail

One of the few comics reviews sites that I read... well, actually come to think of it, the only comics reviews site I read, has decided to close up shop after a solid five year run. The Fourth Rail was alwasy an interesting place to visit as I found that my tastes often times lined up with both reviewers there. Sadly, their reviews never really made me go out to buy a new series, since I pre-order everything, but it would often validate some of my picks that I'd make on a whim, usually based on nothing more than looking at a quick preview, noting the artist or writer on a title, or wanting to give a certain concept a chance.

The thing I enjoyed about The Fourth Rail most, however, was their overview of each month's Previews catalog. For those outside of the comics world, this was a massive 500+ page catalog that came out monthly that listed everything that would be coming out in 2 months time. I would then pre-order from this catalog, using DCBService, to save myself on average about 35% off of what cover price.

The Fourth Rail would go through the catalog and point out things that should be of notice. Many times, these would be graphic novels or comic series that I would have passed over if nothing would have been mentioned. It helped turn me onto a lot of interesting books so it'll be sad to see it go.

So if you know of any good comics reviews sites or anyone else that does a Previews overview type thing each month, let me know because I have an open bookmarks slot in Opera (that's right, I switched from Firefox to Opera - go me!)

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