Friday, September 15, 2006

More MP3 Player Good News!

I found out that there was also a firmware upgrade for my RCA Lyra that I was going to use for audiobooks. With the firmware that is on it by default, there is no resume function so every time you turn it off and back on again, you have to start from a clean slate, and as I stated before fast forwarding through 3-8 hour audiobooks every time you start listening will get real old, real fast.

Not any longer. The new 4.0 firmware adds in a resume function. Now, as long as I pause my book and then turn off the player, as soon as I start it back up it will come back to where I was. No more fast forwarding! Today is looking quite good in the MP3 player department for me.

And with that, I again feel justified in thumbing my nose in Apple's direction. Who needs your stupid iPods? I know I don't. No one should have to pay the iPod tax... but if you don't, you might as well expect to scour the internet to upgrade the player you do buy to get it up to iPod firmware standards.

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