Friday, September 15, 2006

MP3 Updates

So I bitched a ton previously about my MP3 player troubles. Well, I may or may not have found a solution to the oddities that I was experiencing with my Gigabeat (my main MP3 player). Apparently, after reading through some forums and such, it looks like there was a firmware upgrade that was only sent out to users who called Toshiba and requested it. It took me a while to track down a downloadable version of the firmware that someone posted out in internet land, but I got it. And if you are curious and have a Toshiba 40GB Gigabeat, you can download it here. For how long, though, I do not know.

This new firmware cleans up the interface a lot and it appears, initially, to be more stable. I'm going to go running and to the gym with it this evening to see if it does the random reset that it was previously doing. I think it may have been resetting while it was trying to read the cover art for certain albums, but I'm not totally sure. Regardless, I'm hoping that the new firmware will correct a lot of the shortcomings that this player had. If not, Rockbox is working on a firmware rewrite that I'll probably upgrade to anyways once it is finished.

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