Monday, October 09, 2006

Cats Hiding

Pooh and Stitch
That's what my cats do about 95% of the day while I'm at work. Heck, they sleep away probably 90% of the time I'm home as well. It amazes me on a daily basis how utterly lazy cats are. Can you imagine spending the majority of your life just sleeping? The only way I could see that being interesting is if you had some really kick ass dreams. Every now and again, however, I find my cats sleeping in odd areas that aren't my bed or the couch, which is where they usually are.

For example, as I was packing up for a business trip one day, I left my suitcase open on a chair while I did laundry. When I finally came back up to my room, I saw that Stitch had fallen asleep in my suitcase:
Stitch Sleeping
Either it was a really comfortable place to sleep or else my little baby wanted to come travel with me. I wish I could take him with to keep me company while I'm bored in hotel rooms.

Another time, again while I was in the process of taking care of my laundry, I found Pooh in a very intesting place, my underwear drawer!
Pooh Hiding
For whatever reason, he thought it would be fun to burrow underneath my boxers and socks while I went downstairs to get my second load of laundry. I came back up, put my clothes away, closed up my drawers, and went to do some reading... at which point I heard meowing coming from my closet. When I went in, I heard it come from my underwear drawer, so as I opened it I noticed a pair of eyes in the back of the drawer.

What could possibly possess anything to want to sleep amongst my underwear and socks? I know they're clean, but still...

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