Saturday, October 07, 2006

Getting Put In My Place

When I travel for work, I often find myself with chunks of time to kill as I wait for taxis, wait for planes, wait on planes, hang out in my hotel room, walk from my hotel to work, etc. In this time that I have to kill, I often take the opportunity to play on my PSP, which I usually don't get to goof around with otherwise. I just have other things that I'd rather be doing when I'm at home than play my PSP, but when I'm traveling it often becomes a #1 priority in my down time.

I am just getting through Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror (I have like one level left) so I thought I'd start up a couple of new games, one of them being Maverick Hunter X, which is basically Mega Man X with updated graphics. I remember playing the Mega Man games when I was a kid and totally kicking tons of robot ass at them, but now, in my old age, I'm getting my ass handed to me by the robots.

Initially I thought maybe I just wasn't used to playing a game that required quick reactions since Syphon Filter and Popolocrois don't exactly require split second reactions, but even after turning the dificulty down and playing through levels a few times, I was forced to turn my PSP off in frustration. I was getting beat up on repeatedly.

So does this mean I'm getting old? Am I soon going to only be able to play RPG and strategy games? I sure hope not because I don't have time for RPGs and strategy games bore me to tears. Hopefully Maverick Hunter X is just one of the harder side scrolling games on the PSP, because if not, I may have to hang my head in shame and admit I'm just not as good of a gamer as I was in my earlier years. Getting old blows, kids.

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