Wednesday, October 04, 2006


So I saw the epitome of gluttony while at caribou. There was a guy so fat that he had his shirt tucked in and the way his belly hung over his pants it looked like he had stomach boobs because his belly button depression was at the bottom of his overhang. And it jiggled like a couple of sacks of pudding were in his shirt.

You always see the weirdest people at the airport, don't you? I know I do. I often wonder if anyone actually imagines I'm a technology specialist for an international company by looking at me, mostly because I don't dress in my dress work clothes while I fly.

When I fly I wear baggy ass jeans, a t-shirt, and usually sandals. For entertainment I people watch, email on my blackberry, play my PSP, and read the oddest assortment of crap, usually boring books and graphic novels. Doesn't sound like your usual business class person, does it? So when I people watch I like to imagine every scrubby guy or gal is well off and every business person is a poseur wishing they were as well off as their clothes made them look.

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