Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I Love the Fall, I Hate the Fall

Fall is easily my favorite season of the year. Being a Minnesotan I actually have four fully distinguishable seasons to choose from as my favorite, whereas if you lived in Alaska you have two - ass freezing cold winter and those two brief months of only sorta hypothermia enducing cold. Or if you lived in Texas where you have sweat your balls off roasting summer and then sweat a ball and a half off roasting winter. Here in Minnesota we get a full four seasons - ridiculously cold winters, humid and 90 degree baking summers, squishy cool springs, and dry beautiful falls.

Emphasis should be given to the dry part of fall as it is the only part of the season that I really hate. Oh, and the revoking of daylight savings time. Why don't we just stay on daylight savings all year round? I hate it when I'm done with work at 5 and it is already dark but when I want to be sleeping in the morning it's light out. Is that really the way the world should be? No!

Anyways. Fall. Dry. I hate it. Mostly because my eyeballs have a hard time adjusting to the lack of moisture in the air. Because of this it feels like my eyes are coated in sponges that absorb any moisture in the air or from my constant blinking and shuttle it away somewhere behind my eyes so that the portion that is exposed to the air feels scratchy and dry. I can't count the number of eye drops I put in throughout the day and how often I contemplate punching myself in the nose just to make myself tear up.

The good thing is, my body should be adjusted in a week or two. Until then, however, I have to keep rubbing my eyes and sitting at my desk taking 2 minute re-hydration breaks where I close my eyes and rub them in an attempt to coax some moisture back out of that resivoir behind my eye sockets.

Oh, and I have to use a lot of moisturizer on my face and hands if I want my skin to actually stay attached to my body instead of peeling off in gargantuan amounts. Fall, you're a beautiful season, but why can't you be just a little more humid?

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