Tuesday, October 03, 2006

SJU Homecoming 2006

Homecoming... the yearly reminder that I'm yet another year further away from college. Hard to imagine sometimes that I've been out for nearly 3 years. Regardless of the melancholic feelings it routinely induces, it's still good to go back, if for no other reason than to see what has changed since I've left.

There've been a few changes to St. John's and St. Ben's that are new since the last time I'd been on either campus, which was probably quite a few months ago. There are some new buildings going up on both campuses, living residences at SJU and a new bus stop structure (I believe) at CSB.

Anyways, the homecoming game... It really brought to light how old I am, developmentally and age-wise, in comparison to the kids who are currently attending SJU. Sitting in the student section with Jared, his sister, and Kristi it was amazing to listen to the conversations that were going on around us, as well as getting solid eye fulls of people watching.

I don't know if it was this was when I was in school, but it seems like the majority of the students we were sitting around were so vapid, vain, high maintinence, and shallow that it was almost painful to listen to them talk. Every 2 minutes girls had to take pictures of the people they were with doing hugs or something, not to mention doing it over and over again and then looking at how they looked and if it wasn't perfect, they'd have to do it again. They need to look good on Facebook, you know.

Which brings up another interesting change since I've been in college. It seems like almost every conversation had mention of Facebook, or even revolved around the social networking website. Students would talk about putting pictures on Facebook, what someone said on someone else's Facebook, what was meant by a certain update to someone's Facebook profile, how they needed to go home and join a new Facebook group, or how they hadn't spent enough time browsing their friends' Facebook profiles. Come on, is it that hard to actually get together with friends and talk with them? I don't even want to think about how much time kids in college nowadays are spending behind computer screens tweaking Facebook profiles.

When I tuned everyone out, however, it was pretty easy to enjoy the perfect day that mother nature graced us with. The football game was the usual--a Johnnie win. Jared got some good pictures of the game and the beach, which I stole and put below. I'd take pictures myself as well, but I can't find my damn battery charger...

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