Thursday, November 09, 2006

A 12 Hour Bug?

I rarely get sick. Maybe once a year if that. In the past five years I think I've been sick about 4 times total, with only two of them being real drag down, knockout affairs. Somehow I ended up with a really good immune system that treats me well. Occasionally, I'll get a little sniffle or something, but it's barely noticeable. Last night and this morning, however, I had a little bout with some weird type of short term, but somewhat intense, bug.

During the Atreyu / Every Time I Die / Chiodos show that Jared and I were at last night, I could feel my throat getting a tickle and it was somewhat painful to swallow. In checking my lymph nodes, I found they were pretty swollen. I figured I was in for some type of battle against a sickness that was invading my system.

When we got home, I had a nice big glass of milk and took a couple of cold pills to help with my throat and jumped into bed. As I was trying to fall asleep I found myself shivering and feeling extremely cold. So much so that I turned my heated mattress pad up as high as it would go, put on some flannel pants and a t-shirt, and covered up in a huge comforter after I wrapped myself in another blanket. Still, I was shivering and freezing. Eventually I fell asleep, but no doubt in a popsicle state.

Upon waking up this morning my head hurt, my upper body felt tight, and my sinuses were blocked up. As I moved through my morning routine in a zombie like state I conceded that I would be in for a terribly long day of feeling like ass and not wanting to continue existing. The bus ride in was no fun. Walking in the cold helped wake me up. Slogging down my morning coffee helped me wake up a bit. I wasn't feeling any better, though.

And then, magically, I was. Around 11 this morning I found myself feeling ok. My sinuses cleared. My throat didn't hurt. My headache was gone. I was cured. And I've felt great since... well except for the fact that I have to work, but I feel good! So what the heck hit me and hit me so hard, but only for a short, short time? I'm not quite sure, but I'm glad it worked itself through my system because I wasn't prepared for a prolonged fight. Thank you, immune system. You're the best!

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