Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Black Friday Shopping

Every year for the past, I don't know, probably 8 or 9 years I have run the gauntlet at Best Buy on the Friday after Thanksgiving to secure myself the hottest deals of the year. I'm sure this year will be no different than the last, but after looking over the ads of some other stores over on Black Friday Ads, I find myself wanting to shop at other places instead of my usual standby of Best Buy.

Take a look at Best Buy's ad and you'll see a ton of good deals, yes, but none that really interest me. There's obviously some great deals, like the 50" HDTV for $700, some of the computer systems, and whatnot, but I only find myself interested in the following items:
  • Table Tennis for Xbox 360 for $19
  • The Outfit for Xbox 360 for $10
  • 7" Digital Photo Frame for $80
  • 250 GB External Hard Drive for $70
  • Some of the $5 DVDs
  • Prison Break Season 1 for $20
So as it stands right now, I'm not exactly looking forward to getting up at like midnight (or just not going to bed) to drive to Rochester (which is 45 minutes from my parents' house) to stand in the freezing cold to maybe not even get those few things. I'm sure I'll go as I think my brother is planning on getting a laptop before he heads off to college and my other brother always finds things he wants, but for me there's no "holy crap, that's an awesome deal and I need it" item or items jumping out at me.

I actually wish there was a Circuit City in Rochester because after looking at their ad, I find myself wanting more stuff in their ad, like the following:
  • Some of their $3 DVDs
  • Infected and Ape Escape for PSP for $10 each
  • Quake 4, Gun, and Full Auto for Xbox 360 for $17 each
  • Some of the 2 for $8 DVDs
  • House Season 1 for $13
  • Boondocks Season 1 for $19
  • 250 GB External Hard Drive for $40 (way better price than Best Buy)
  • Digital Projector, 92" screen, and subwoofer for $450 (I probably wouldn't actually buy this, but it's pretty cool nonetheless)
I'm almost tempted to drive up to the Twin Cities from my parents' place Thursday night and go to a Circuit City... but I probably won't. Would be nice to have those deals available at Best Buy, though.

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