Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Go Get Fat

It has been a fortunate (or maybe unfortunate) timing that I recently came across two wonderful buy one, get one free coupons for two places that I most definitely love to go.

First, if you want your ice cream fix, click this link to get yourself a buy one, get one free coupon you can use at Cold Stone Creamery. Usually when I go there I just buy one of their freakin' huge buckets of ice cream goodness, but with the use of this coupon it's definitely a nice, reasonably priced way to take someone out on a date or to just get twice as much ice cream for your money.

The second coupon is for my coffee shop of choice, Caribou Coffee. Click here for the buy one, get one free coupon. This one you need to get using quick, however, as it expires on the 22nd. I know I'll probably use it daily since there's a Caribou in my building. What I do is order one of their cold drinks and one of their warm drinks. I stash the cold drink in the fridge for later and drink the warm one right away. If you want to get the Rick combo, order a large campfire mocha and a large chocolate coffee cooler. So yummy... and so many calories... but so much caffeine too!

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