Thursday, November 16, 2006

Holy Freakin' Lord

Anyone who pays attention to politics, especially during this last election, will have noticed the barrier that we progressive Minnesotans have broken. This last election we elected Keith Ellison to Congress. Why does this break some barrier? Well, because he is the first Muslim to be elected to Congress.

I really applaud him for making it and I adhere to a lot of his ideals. If I wasn't too busy wasting my votes on independent candidates, he would have received my vote. But now, instead of receiving any type of positive media coverage or being asked normal, political questions, CNN Headline News is asking him to explain to the rest of the United States that he isn't somehow "working for the enemy". Ridiculous. I like how Ellison handled the situation, but he shouldn't have to be subjected to crap like this.

Glenn Beck, the man interviewing Ellison, even goes down the road of insinuating that the large Muslim and Somali population in Minnesota might be "the enemy" as well. I cringed watching the video at the link. When will people in this country stop being so damn closed minded? Thank God, or Allah if that's what you believe or Buddha or whatever (does it really matter in politics?), that Minnesotans at least were progressive enough to look beyond the religious affiliation of a political candidate and vote on political leanings. At least that's the reason I hope the majority of us voted for him.

Not all politicians are terrible, filthy bastards. Just people like Glenn Beck. Here's to hoping you serve us well Mr. Keith Ellison.

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