Monday, November 06, 2006

Championship in the Bag

After the self destructing mess that was the playoffs for the summer league ultimate frisbee team I played on, where we were undefeated going into the playoffs and then lost all the way out the playoffs, the fall league team I played with walked away with the fall 2006 crown! This is the first time I've played with a disc club that's managed to make it to the big show and pull it off. There have been a few times where a team I played with got close, but never was the peak of Mt. Championship climbed until this last weekend.

It was a really great feeling to win, as expected obviously. Who would feel bad about winning a championship? The funny thing about it, though, is that for a while afterwards I kept thinking about the small mistakes I made and the things I could have done better when I should have been enjoying the moment instead, right?

See, our semi-final game was against a team that hasn't lost a game in over two years and we only ended up beating them by one. It was a really tight game towards the end and a few more errors or a couple of amazing plays on either size of the disc could have easily turned the game. Knowing that, it kind of puts the mistakes that were made into a very bright light and I still find myself focusing on them. I shouldn't have made that throw... or I should have made a stronger inside cut in the end zone on the point where we turned it over on the goal line... or I should have played defense a little more on the hip of the guy I was guarding instead of giving him as much space as I did. It's these little things that can make or break a really tight game and I know I wouldn't want to be the person responsible for those mistakes.

But whatever, we won the championship and got a chocolate trophy. Go team! I just need to find a winter indoor team that will take me in.

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