Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Salute: Chairs in a Bag

In the house I live in, we don't have much for movable sitting arrangements. In our living room on the main floor we have a couch and two recliners. In my room I have an office chair and a big, gnarly looking, green, puffy chair. In our basement we have a leather couch. The only movable sitting apparatuses that are in the house are the rolling chairs around the dining room table. This causes trouble when more than three people want to watch TV in the basement or we have a larger than six person poker game.

One evening I was playing host to an inordinately large poker game of 10 people. This meant we'd need to have two games going at the beginning and merge into one at the end. Not knowing how I was going to seat everyone, I went to Target in a mild panic. It's there that I remembered the magical items that are chairs in a bag.

I bought four of them, we set up a game in the basement and one upstairs. It worked wonderfully. And when the game was over, the chairs went in their bags and sat in the corner with the poker table and chips, hardly taking up any extra space. We now have more chairs for when people come over to watch football on the big 57" or want to watch a movie. We can also have more than a couple of people lounge around up in my room... although I don't remember there ever being more than like two people in my room for more than 10 minutes. But still.

Chairs in bags, you make life so easy. I salute you.

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