Friday, February 09, 2007

A Couple of Good Flicks

Some more recent movies watched. Complete thread here.

Narc (8/10): Solid film. Ray Liotta and Jason Patrick both turn in fine performances in this noir-ish modern police drama. Easily the strongest part of this film is the closing in which you are presented with varying recountings of the movie's key plot element. Based upon the development of the characters throughout the film, making a snap judgment as to which is reality is not as cut, dried, and obvious as many films that attempt the same stylistic maneuver. Each character, especially Patrick and Liotta, grow into a character solidly living in the gray as opposed to either in the black or the white. Easily one of the better cop dramas in the last five years.

An Inconvenient Truth (7.5/10): As a documentary, this is a great film. As a motivational piece, this is a decent film. As a scientific piece, this is a pretty terrible film. I like that the topic of global warming is getting so much exposure because of Gore, his presentations, and this film, but I was hoping to see more actual hard science to show what we're doing to our planet that is so different. The only hard facts that were ever really presented were the rising carbon dioxide levels. Sure, that's a factor in regards to global warming, but there has to be more than just that one factor. He convinced the heck out of me that CO2 is on a horrendous rising trend, but I'm not convinced it is the only factor affecting our environment. Like I said, though, it was interesting to see all that Gore is trying to do to get information out to the world.

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