Thursday, February 08, 2007


At work today our email server decided it was going to take a nice, big, flaming dump and not work for about half of the work day. That's fine by me as it actually gave me some time to work on some projects I needed to get focused on, as well as wander around the internet for a bit. While I was wandering, I stumbled across X-Entertainment's article on long dead sodas.

Some of these sodas were obviously around before I was allowed to drink soda, but others I remember quite fondly. Most of the ones I remember, I actually wish were still around. For example, Surge. That stuff was yummy-tastic. Once it got to the point that no one was buying the stuff, the Hy-Vee grocery store close to where my family lived had the 20 oz. bottles on clearance for like a quarter a bottle or something. I have many fond memories of going in for groceries and getting to the check out with about 30 bottles of the green gunk in the cart. I miss it.

I also remember Crystal Pepsi and the Coke equivalent (was it Clear Coke or something ridiculous like that?). It wasn't too bad. I really didn't care what soda looked like, I just liked the taste. We never bought much of this because it was still cheaper to just buy generic cola. Still... from what I remember it wasn't terrible.

Now Orbitz was an interesting drink. Yeah, it was the one with balls in it. I was pretty indifferent towards this drink and actually never had it until they started having cases of it at the dollar store. By that time the drink was already in its death throes. The balls were weird, but not horribly so. What I remember most is that the flavors were just wacky. Not only in name, but in taste. None of the flavors tasted "right". They were just... different.

Lastly, the only other one from the list I remember was Pepsi Blue. Now this crap was terrible. I always liked the blue Kool Aid that tasted like blueberries, and I'm assuming that's sort of what Pepsi was trying with this, but it failed miserably. It was just plain gross. I think I only had it once and realized I never ever needed to have it ever again.

I wonder what drinks of today will be the oddballs of tomorrow. For some reason, I'm sure most of them will be energy drinks of one form or another. I see Red Bull and Monster surviving this decade with everything else pretty much falling by the wayside or into a niche market.

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