Monday, February 05, 2007


Anyone reading this ever hyper extended your knee? I was playing in an ultimate frisbee tournament this weekend and ended up hyper extending my knee during one of our games. It was actually a pretty killer play. It happened on an end zone to end zone huck. As the disc was hanging in the air and coming down to grasping height, I had my defender totally beat, but since the disc was hanging, I had to go up over the defender for it, reaching backwards over him to get it.

As I came down, my body position was somewhat awkward with my left leg bent at the knee and my right leg completely locked at the knee, pointing forward at a slight angle. My right leg came down and took all of the impact. Upon taking on all of my weight and being in a locked position, my knee tried to bend in the direction it's not supposed to bend, causing lots and lots of shooting pain.

Once I finally was able to stop yelling at my knee for being such a pile of crap, I was able to hobble off to the sideline on my own power. I sat out the rest of the game, but played about half of our final game. I couldn't plant on my leg very much and it did hurt while I was running, but I wasn't totally non-functioning.

The next day, however, I found stairs to be quite troublesome, as well as walking around corners. Having my knee in any type of slightly off center bend causes pain, but if it's just a normal walking stride, I'm fine. Any reason for this? Anyone have a similar situation? I'm really curious as to how to handle this since I have an ultimate game coming up on Friday night and another tournament to play in this coming Saturday, which is followed by broom ball on Sunday. I'm hoping my knee will be good to go by then, but I also don't want to do anything more detrimental to it if I put it to a lot of use only a week after injuring it.

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