Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Weekend

What the hell Chicago? Or more appropriately, what the hell Rex Grossman? Talk about the king of suck. I think I've seen 6th grade pee-wee league quarterbacks play better than he did. Yeah, it was raining, but being a professional level athlete should count for something. It's not that I was rooting for the Bears because I would have rather seen both teams somehow lose the game, but it's just the fact that Grossman was such a buzzkill every time he touched the ball that I got mad each time the Bears offense took the field.

So congrats to Indy and all that, but screw you Grossman for sucking it as hard as you did. If it wasn't for the kickoff run back in the beginning of the game, I think Indy would have taken control right away and run the Bears into the ground. Meh, whatever. I still think New Orleans should have made it. I would have liked to have watched that game.

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