Friday, February 02, 2007

Storage Space

The last month or so I've been busy looking at houses, trying to find that one that I'll be happy living in for the next five or so years and that won't break the bank on me. I've looked at probably 15 or so houses inside and out and one thing I've noticed that the place I live in now has that a lot of other houses doesn't is storage space.

The place we're renting now has some great storage areas and some not so great storage areas. The two bedrooms on the main floor have very small closets that don't hold much, which is really annoying for Karl and Jared, but the main bedroom on the second floor has a phenomenal amount of space dedicated to storage. Since the house is a story and a half design, one entire side of the upstairs has cold storage on the side. It's worked out great for throwing my luggage, books, and other junk that I don't regularly need access to in it. The main bedroom also has a full walk in closet which, quite frankly, rocks my socks off.

A lot of the places I've been looking at have adequate amounts of storage, but few match to sheer amount of space we currently have available at the place we're renting, which makes me wonder if I'm going to have adequate space wherever I move to store all my comic books, books, DVDs, and the butt load of clothes that I have. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out ways to store things, but a house only has so much space in it before you have to add on and make more. All I know is that come April when we move it's going to be interesting to say the least.

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