Friday, February 02, 2007

Super Bowl Buzz Kill

Planning on having a big Super Bowl party at your place? Have a TV that is larger than 55"? Well, then you might be breaking copyright law if you have a gathering of people to watch the game. From (emphasis mine):
NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Thursday the league stands by its interpretation of copyright law and would look into any violators that comes to the league’s attention. The main concern for the league, Aiello said, is groups that charge admission to watch games and those that use a TV screen larger than 55 inches to show the game.
I have a 57" HDTV and plan on watching the game in all of its 1080i HD glory and I'm sure I'll have some people over to watch it as well. How absurd is it for the NFL to say that you can't watch the game in groups if you have a television larger than 55". And what's even more puzzling is how was 55" arrived at?

Thinking about it, I'll probably have the game playing on my 32" LCD upstairs as well too so is my showing of the game on two screens going to save me? I can say that all my visitors are watching on the LCD and only the people living here at my house are watching on the big screen. It's just so dumb. Seriously, copyright related laws are ridiculous.

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