Thursday, March 22, 2007

Genius Metalheads

Jared pointed out this article to me today. It deals with the stereotype given to most kids who listen to heavy metal music, that they're delinquents and that they aren't too smart. Reading through it, I fail to see it adequately debunking the given stereotypes, but it also doesn't reinforce them. It simply shows that musical preference really doesn't have much to do with academic aptitude.

So they find that out of a bunch of smart kids, some listen to metal, some listen to pop, some R&B, and some other stuff. Ok. Big deal. Survey a bunch of average kids and you'll see the same thing. Then survey a bunch of dumb-ass morons and you'll probably see much of the same. Sure there will be more emphasis on different genres based upon which group you're looking at, but I don't think there is a correlation between musical preference and intelligence.

It's cool that they're saying that there can be smart kids who listen to metal, but it feels very unscientific and it also seems like they're simply looking for the results they're getting and are making correlations where there really aren't any.

Anyways, I love metal and it's what I predominantly listen to. I was also our school's valedictorian. Did metal make me smarter? Heck no. It was all in the genes I was given, the upbringing I had, and the appeal of academia to me. Music is entertainment, not a study aid.

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