Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Creeping Death

So it was my birthday over the weekend. Don't know if any of you knew. March 18th. The day of the year I magically get one year older. I'm up to 26 now. Crazy, huh? It's definitely a little daunting for me. I've now lived up over half of my 20's. The first 6 years of my 20's kinda flew by in a jiffy if you ask me. Now I'm only 4 years away from that life changing moment of turning 30. Won't that be scary as all get out.

Throughout the 25th year of my life I actually managed to do quite a bit when I think back on it. I got a new job, which I've almost been at for a year now. I made the move to Minneapolis. I rented my first house for a year. I played my first year of summer league ultimate frisbee. I searched for houses and signed a purchase agreement on my first ever home purchase. I traveled internationally for the first time (to Mexico). I made numerous trips to Chicago and New York. I took a vacation to Jamaica. I did a lot.

Yet I also remembered to do all the lazy stuff too. I had plenty of days where I got done with work and did nothing but sit around and watch TV, play video games, or geek out reading comics. It's good to have a balance between doing milestone activities and doing the mundane. Too much of either and I think I may have gone nuts.

What does year 26 hold? I'm not too sure, but I can guess that it'll entail my moving into my first owned house, playing another summer of ultimate frisbee, simultaneously liking, hating, tolerating & enjoying my job, and maybe a nice vacation or two, hopefully to Boston or California or Idaho. We'll see. It should definitely be eventful, I know that much.

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