Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mapping Runs

Knowing that I have a 10K race staring me down in July, and with the recent influx of moderate weather here in Minnesota, I've been trying to start shedding the pounds so that I can then start working on getting into race condition. The month of March is currently dedicated to simply trying to shed about 5-10 pounds. I can feel the extra winter jiggle with every stride I take, so I know I need to get rid of that before I can actually focus on training.

So far I haven't gone over a 5K run for a workout. I've been sticking with running a strong, moderately quick paced 2.5 to 3 miles a night this week. Living in town, it's sometimes hard to know exactly how far you're going, but I stumbled onto Running Map the other day and now use it to map out different routes to vary things, yet keep my distance consistent. Some of my favorite routes are below, in case anyone cares or lives in St. Louis Park.
Once I get moved in April to my new place, this site will come in extra handy as I'll have to devise all new routes to run.

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