Thursday, April 26, 2007

Clogged Drain Put Into Perspective

Every now and again I like to check and see what searches bring users to this site and which page people are going to. I found today that someone had recently been getting to my site by searching for "JPL Investments", which is the front company for the place I was renting last year. The page they were directed to was this one.

After going back and remembering how terrible the previous place I moved into was, having a couple of things go wrong that I can fix at my current house doesn't seem quite so bad. When I moved into my current place everything was as clean as could be imagined and everything was in great condition with only a couple more small things that needed updating. Man, my past place was sure a dump when I moved in and my landlord sucked so hard. I feel sorry for whoever might end up renting the place in the future.

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