Monday, May 21, 2007

Hand Washing

I know it's proper etiquette to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom, but let's be honest for a second here. If a guy enters the bathroom, is there all by himself, is only taking a quick pee-pee, and finishes without anyone else coming in to the bathroom, the odds are in favor of him just heading out of the bathroom without visiting the sink. Sure, everyone will deny it, but they just aren't comfortable with the truth.

Now I would usually think that the above would apply universally wherever there is a public restroom, but then I found myself thinking about this a little harder as I visited the bathroom in a church this weekend before service. Because a bathroom is in a church, does that make someone more inclined to wash their hands, even if they are by themselves... you know, because God is watching? That and you're hanging out in one of his many houses.

I would imagine that guys, at least religious and respectful ones, would make extra sure to wash after going to the bathroom while in church because that's what Jesus would do, right? And since you automatically feel about a bajillion times more guilty about anything you may do or have done as soon as you enter the front doors of a church, actually committing a social no-no while inside of this holy establishment could potentially load someone up with so much guilt that they may never be able to recover, especially if they're Catholic. So just do yourself a favor and remember to wash your hands in God's house. He's watching...

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