Friday, May 18, 2007

Gas Hike

I consider myself somewhat lucky in that I have a gas station a block from my house and said gas station has the cheapest gas in most of the Twin Cities metro area. I have no clue how they stay a solid 5-10 cents under everyone else, but they do. So when gas was in the $2.50 or $2.60 range, it felt good to only have to pay $2.40 or a little more for gas.

But now... my "cheap" gas is in the $3.20 range and if I were to fill up anywhere else, it'd be more than $3.30. How is $3.20 somehow cheap for gas? And how soon is it going to be the case where I'll think $3.75 is cheap? I can't imagine it'll be that long from now since the summer travel season is just starting and gas is already jumping up uncontrollably.

I feel bad for anyone who has to drive to work (emphasis on the work has). Anyone who chooses to drive is an idiot. I'll take my public transit any day. How can you beat getting to downtown and back home for a whopping $4.00 a day? You can't. But I'm sure bus prices will be going up soon as well. You just can't win.

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