Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some Home Updates

Since I really am uninspired lately, here are some pictures of updates I've done to my house lately.

house 014

In the basement bathroom, I put up both an adjustable mirror (on the left) and a medicine cabinet (on the right). The bathroom was pretty sparse and didn't have anything in the way of storage so I felt I had to add some. It's just too bad the way the doors were machined that they don't line up quite right.

house 013

The basement bathroom also didn't have anywhere to put towels, so I had to put together a cabinet, which fit nicely right next to the shower.

house 012

Not too much new here--just a wine rack for storing the cheap wine in the basement.

house 011

I put up some of my baseball pictures in the basement above my main (overflowing) bookshelf. I think they look good and match the overall tone of the room.

house 010

I have no idea how I've accumulated so many little stuffed animals, but a decision was made to consolidate them all on the top of one book shelf.

house 009

JC Penny was having a big clearance sale on all of their lamps so I took the opportunity to pick up a nice, old world looking lamp for my reading nook in the basement.

house 005

Here's some more wine storage, this time in the kitchen and this time for the good wine. I also put in the under cabinet CD player so that I can listen to tunes while I'm cooking and going through the mail.

house 003

I finally got my swords up on the wall, which is great since I never put them up in the old house. I think that wall will make a nice weapons wall.

house 002

Doing my best to make use of the built in shelves in my room. I figure they're perfect for putting up pictures.

So... there's some more house stuff that I've been doing lately. That's all I got...

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