Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What a Work Environment

You know what makes me hate my job? Well, more so than I usually do as of late? Reading about the Google work environment. Looking at the pictures of their headquarters is amazing. It is so employee friendly and, for as much "play" items and rooms that they have there, I must think it fosters productivity more than it hinders it.

I know if I was working at a company where I could go relax whenever I needed it that I would feel much more at ease and much more motivated when I am working. I'm sure part of it would be that I'd sure feel guilty if all I did was play all day and not get anything done. If a company is going to go so far out of their way to make employees feel comfortable by providing meals and game rooms, allowing workers to make their cubes however they want them, giving employees access to game rooms, pools & massages, and letting you bring your pet dogs in to work with you, the least I could do is give the company my all when something needs to be done.

In my opinion, the traditional office just doesn't work any more... or at least it isn't something that will work as well for my generation or the generation younger than me. How is sticking everyone in a company in offices and cubicles that are basically the same as everyone else's with only a personal picture or two differentiating them going to make people want to be at work? How is requiring an employee to sit in their cubicle from 8 to 5 every day going to foster a want to work? It's not. I know it doesn't for me. When I'm confined to my office for over 9 hours a day, I have a hard time staying happy about my job.

I rarely take a lunch, instead eating a sandwich or something at my desk while working, so the 8-5 work day isn't a standard 8 hour day--it's a 9 hour day. And considering the bus schedules to my suburb, I either have to take a bus in that gets me in at 7:45 am or one that gets me in at 8:10. Since being late is frowned upon, at least when it's me, I'm in at 7:45. At the end of the day, I can either take a bus home that leaves at 4:49 or 5:15. Since I'm supposed to be in until 5 (even though I'm salaried and don't take lunch), I get stuck taking the 5:15 home. So, in reality, I'm working a 9 and a half hour day, which is just dumb. The 8 to 5 workday is an outdated concept. Long live task based working.

Anyways... to get back to where I started, for as much as I think Google is a horribly bloated and overvalued company, they sure do know how to make their employees feel appreciated and have made very large strides in finding non-standard ways to woo employees. I know I'd do just about anything to go work for them, outside of moving since I just bought my house, but even then if given the right compensation and help... I'd at least think about it. But, really, who wouldn't?

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